10 Dovetail Saws Assessed

Selecting a suitable saw is the first step towards cutting dovetails that are a pleasure to make and look good. Robert Howard tested ten Western and Japanese style saws before settling on two preferred models.

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Veritas cast iron edge plane

This plane is an economy version of the Veritas bronze edge plane which I reviewed in AWR#35. Although it might not look or feel as nice as the original, I don't think it suffers any significant loss in use as a result of the change. Indeed, Vertilas have made a couple of changes that improve this version.

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Cutting Gauges Compared

Robert Howard assesses six blade and wheel cutting gauges for accuracy, feel and value.

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Fine Art of Nesting

Nesting is the art of creating a working or living environment that feels good.

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Sharpening - a troubleshooting guide

Sharpening is one of the most fundamental woodworking skills, and using sharp tools is one of the greatest of woodworking’s many pleasures. But while learning how to sharpen is fairly simple in theory, it can be frustratingly difficult in practice.

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