Fine woodworking is a challenging, rewarding and deeply satisfying craft to learn. No matter how far you go, or how much you know, there will always be more to learn and do. There is a branch of it for every personality and every age. You can work alone or with others, work large or small, fine or rustic. It can be a totally absorbing occupation, or an equally absorbing hobby.

By working through a series of introductory projects and exercises, you will learn the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to do good work. After taking as long as you need to complete these, you will move on to designing a making your own projects, consolidating and extending your knowledge, skills and experience as you go.

The initial emphasis is on developing the basic hand skills, with power tools and machinery introduced gradually to supplement these, not to bypass them.

I offer classes in either fine furniture making or woodcarving, but you can do both if you wish. No experience is necessary, and most students begin with either little or none. You will be treated individually, and encouraged to work at your own pace. Usually, each class member is doing something different so there is no pressure to keep up.

I supply the tools and equipment (though I do encourage you to eventually accumulate your own) and, initially, the wood and supplementary materials. You are welcome to continue for as long as you like.

My classes are small (up to 6 students), relaxed and friendly. My experience is that doing what we love brings out the best in us, and the class atmosphere reflects that.

Class Details
All classes are held at 25 Stephens Road, South Brisbane, QLD, 4101, at the following times:

Tuesday 6-9pm
Wednesday 9-12am
Wednesday 1-4pm
Wednesday 6-9pm
Thursday 6-9pm

The fee is $70 per class, payable per calendar month in advance.